CAOS201 – Social Intersections

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Join us for Social Intersections CAOS201 in Autumn 2022, an “open studio” contemporary arts subject at University of Wollongong.

“Open Studio” means that anyone across the entire university can enrol, as long as you are currently at second or third year undergraduate level.

No prior experience or pre-requisites needed.

Tuesdays 130pm-530pm

About Social Intersections CAOS201
This subject explores how creative practice can engage with social forms and processes. Students participate in activities which playfully draw attention to the “normal” routines of everyday life, and learn about the history of relational and socially engaged art practices.

Plenty of field trips, guest artists and out-of-classroom experiences.

This is a fun subject with a small group of students. The subject is led practicing artists working in this important growing field.

Topics covered:
Art and the Social
Walking as art Mapping social structures
Allan Kaprow’s Happenings and Activities
Mindful/absurd Toothbrushing
Modes of Engagement (Antagonism-vs-Amelioration; “The Artist as…”)
Art and the Everyday
Art and Play
Creating play spaces
Re-working Work
Observation and Documentation
Modelling the Social (Relational Aesthetics)
Ethics of Engagement
Collaboration in the creative arts

Assessment Tasks:

Task 1: Activity Exercise – (aka “making things weird”) – experiment with an ordinary activity in the flow of your everyday life. 

Task 2: Walking Exercise -experiment with walking as a performative, embodied, social form of artmaking.

Task 3: Intersections Project – collaborate with 2-3 students on a self-devised project which engages in the public sphere around art and the social. This activity will be accompanied by a collaborative public celebration event. 

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