Push and Pull Redfern

push and pull redfern

May-June 2009.
A collaboration with Nick Keys and Astrid L’Orange.

push and pull instructions

Push and Pull Redfern was a local “re-doing” of Allan Kaprow’s early environment, Push and Pull – A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hoffman (1963) at Locksmith Project Space, Redfern.

Nick and Astrid (and me, to a lesser extent, as I was busy writing the final draft of my PhD thesis at the time!) very thoroughly documented their experiences in the work as it evolved over 3 weeks.

My original motivations for doing this project were:

-to experience what it would be like for myself (the Kaprow foundation sent us out his original instructions (or “score” to follow).
-to document our version of the work, so that it is available for future reference.

Our version of the work was presented as part of There Goes the Neighbourhood, curated by Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg.

The project blog (containing plenty of texts by Nick and Astrid, images, and timelapse videos) is here.

Thanks also to Bec Dean from Performance Space for helping make this happen.

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