Besides writing here on this blog, occasionally I publish texts elsewhere. Here’s an incomplete list:

On Blogging:

Framing Everyday Experience: Blogging as Art, 2009
My PhD thesis.

To Follow Things As I Encounter Them: Blogging, Art and Attention, 2010.
Reflections on blogging art projects by Thea Rechner and Lisa Kelly (in relation to some ideas about documentation and performance art by Philip Auslander and Amelia Jones).

Bilateral Blogging, 2007. Discussion around the project Bilateral Kellerberrin. Connects with and critiques Relational Aesthetics.

(more on blogging here)

On Expanded Cinema and Re-Enactment:

Attending to Anthony McCall’s Long Film for Ambient Light, 2012.
Published in Perform Repeat Record, edited by Amelia Jones and Adrian Heathfield. An account of re-creating this 1975 work by McCall.

Re-Enacting Expanded Cinema: Three Case Studies, 2009.
A “research report” which accompanied my presentation at the Re-Live conference in Melbourne. Co-written with my Teaching and Learning Cinema colleague Louise Curham. Information on our Expanded Cinema re-enactments of works by Guy Sherwin, Anthony McCall, and William Raban.

Pre-Digital New Media Art, 2005.
Published in Realtime#66. A succinct position statement on Expanded Cinema.

Experiencing Artworks and Events:

Splint Mate, 2005.
My first encounter with the work of Jason Maling. And the first time I met Kylie Wilkinson and Damien Lawson. At Clubs Project Space.

Marrickville Jelly Wresting and SquatFest, 2005.
Printed in Natural Selection Magazine. Discusses these two community-organised cultural events (of which I was a participant).

Mental Sculpture by Dennis Tan, 2000.
A catalogue essay of sorts, about this experimental sound project by Singaporean artist Dennis Tan.

On Spatial Politics and Social Engagement:

Learning from Experience: In League with the City of Melbourne, 2011.
An invited essay looking at the work of the League of Resonance (Jason Maling, Sarah Rodigari, Jess Oliveri). An attempt to create an anatomy of the collaborative process between artists and beaurocracies.

Complexity, Aesthetics and Gentrification: The Tour of Beauty, 2009.
Some critical reflections on SquatSpace’s Redfern Waterloo Tour of Beauty – considers the relationship between art and gentrification. Published in There Goes the Neighbourhood, in conjunction with exhibition of the same name, curated/edited by Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg.

An UnReal Estate Guide to Finding Your Own Gallery, 2003.
Published in Photofile Magazine. Deals with SquatFest, Squatting and Art, use of empty buildings as temporary venues.

Art as Situated Experience, 2007.
Essay about SquatSpace Redfern Waterloo Tour of Beauty project. Published in “If you see something say something” publication, which accompanied exhibition of the same name, curated/edited by Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg.

On All Sorts of Things:

The Underground, 2010.
A special edition of Artlink Magazine I edited on the theme of “The Underground”. I tried to address this theme from multiple angles…

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