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The following is an incomplete list of art projects I’ve done over the years. I’ll keep adding to it as I dig things out of my archive.

For activities hot-off-the-press, and also for collaborative projects which are ongoing, see Current Activities.

yeomans project
Yeomans Project, with Ian Milliss, at ACCA in Melbourne (2011) [The project will be presented at Art Gallery of NSW in 2013]
green bans victoria street
Green Bans Art Walks – collaborative project with Big Fag Press, The Cross Arts Projects and many other folks.
what lies beneath
What Lies Beneath – Small Soundworks for the Sleepy – collaborative project with students of Media Arts 101 at University of Wollongong (2011)
Tending, with Diego Bonetto (2010-11)
environmental audit
Environmental Audit, at the MCA as part of In the Balance: Art for a Changing World (2010)

artlink underground cover
Artlink Underground
June 2010
Vol. 30 No. 2
During the first half of 2010, I worked on guest-editing this edition of Artlink Magazine, themed “the underground”.
More here and here
lucas with thesis Framing Everyday Experience: Blogging as Art
Practice-based research PhD (projects plus exegesis)
Deakin University
louise and val (Wo)man with Mirror
July 2009 (ongoing)
Expanded Cinema Re-enactment of Guy Sherwin’s Man with Mirror (1976-present)
Collaboration with Louise Curham of Teaching and Learning Cinema
push and pull redfern Push and Pull Redfern
May-June 2009.
A collaboration with Nick Keys and Astrid L’Orange and friends.
A “re-doing” of Allan Kaprow’s early environment, Push and Pull – A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hoffman (1963) at Locksmith Project Space, Redfern.

gruffling GRUFFLING
March 2009.
A whimsical project about goats, part of the West Brunswick Sculpture Triennale (wBST).

bon scott blog projectBon Scott Blog

January-June 2008.
“Blogging-as-art” project about the late great AC/DC frontman.


shamBilateral Petersham (aka “The Sham”)

April-May 2006.
“Blogging-as-art” project about my own neighbourhood, a suburb of Sydney.


kellerBilateral Kellerberrin

April-May 2005.
“Blogging-as-art” project about Kellerberrin, small country town in West Australia.


ice hotel Antarctic Ice Shelves
December 2005.
A collaboration with Melbourne architect Stuart Harrison.

dear artist run galleries...Dear Artist Run Galleries…

2003-4, a t-shirt project which required the purchaser to sign a contract…

bilateral adelaideBilateral (Adelaide)

2002, Residency/Exhibition/Events at Experimental Art Foundation

hands open like eyesHands Open Like Eyes Open Like Hands

2000, album of left handed drawings in permanent marker

random sampleRandom Sample

2000, website “book” with randomised travel poems and mouse drawings


1997, hand-cut wood mounted high on the wall


1996, 5 night performance, PICA, Perth

peg24The Peg#24 Pieces, with Mick Hender

1995, glass, ready-made peg, land, conversation…

apples paintingPainting of Apples

1983(?), acrylic on weeties box

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