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the underground print scan
[The Underground radish – click to see it bigger…]

I guest-edited an edition of Artlink Magazine. You can read more about it here (including a few of the essays which are available there online.

The issue features great essays and artwork, interviews and comics, by and about Ian Milliss, Chris Fleming, Vanessa Berry, Leigh Rigozzi, Pat Grant, Rick Smith, Alison Bechdel, Margie Borschke, Ianto Ware, Geert Lovinck, Shane McGrath, Breakdown Press + Ian McIntyre, Glenn Barkley, Jessie Lymn, Danni Zuvela, Teri Hoskin, Ali Russell, Tony Birch, Caren Florance, Peter Drew, Melinda Rackham, Kirsten Bradley, Eve Vincent, and Donald Brook.

The issue will have a launch celebration on Sunday 4 July, 2010, at Bill and George in Redfern, Sydney.
Free, all welcome! Magazine available at a discount price!

3pm, Bill and George, 10-16 William St, Redfern, Sydney.

At the same time, Bill and George will also be launching their LIBRARIUM project, “a slow-growth free-range artisan’s library of small press publications etc”.

All the details about the launch are here and here.

PLUS! Hot off the Big Fag Press, I’ll be launching a limited edition print of the above image, which is used as the cover to this edition of Artlink.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

PLUS!! News just in:
This edition of Artlink will be launched by septuagenarian Newtown artist David Urqhuart !

David Urquhart was born in Kings Cross, Sydney, grew up in Homebush with the smells of the cattle yards a daily delight. He went to school, but was not educated, at Catholic schools.

David began his respectable working life in the rag trade, including selling bras and girdles for The Jenyns Patent Corset Company.

As was fashionable in 1968 he turned his back on his wicked capitalist ways and ‘dropped out’ and joined the marginal people.

As a graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, David imagines himself to be an artist.

David will ruminate briefly about the multiplicity of “undergrounds” he’s experienced over the years, before raising a glass to toast this new edition of Artlink Magazine !

– – –

[Here you can see a photo of David fighting homophobia, with the help of the Roads and Traffic Authority. ]

9 thoughts on “Artlink Underground

  1. Lucas Post author

    UPDATE! The launch was great fun! I’ll put some pictures up soon. In the meantime, you can check out the print which was also premiered at the magazine launch, here.

  2. Anna Pavlova

    Cher L,

    Just read the Editorial for Underground issue, and loved it — your style of writing is so clear and…literal, so perhaps the blog should be re-named biliteral rather than bilateral.

    I thought the image you draw of a dance between ideologies is just spot on, a danse macabre even. The terms themselves are inseparable from each other, seemingly evoking the other ie. ‘underground’ evoking ‘mainstream’ and vice-versa, by their very existence. So I just looked up their etymology…and I like how mainstream refers to water, ie. the principle current of a river, and ‘underground’ links back to not only under the surface, but trains! So both about flow, perhaps on different levels.

    I love the radish drawing-analogy. May I reserve a print please? The link with gardening (esp. guerilla gardening) is fab. I’m going to send a copy to Thomas. And it’s funny too that the top tassle of a radish is green, perhaps the mainstream bit, and the body is red (and white inside), being the underground bit, with red and green being complementary colours on the colour wheel.

    Yours in admiration,

  3. Lucas

    anna! so nice to hear from ya.

    yes, although the ‘underground’ theme was not my original choice (i was invited to address it as guest editor), i did very much enjoy exploring (with all these great writers) its funny little tributaries and oxbow lakes.

    i’ll keep a print for ya. and i do believe you can buy artlink magazine from the tate gallery shop in london – let me know if you find it!

  4. Lucas Post author

    Maria Miranda, who is doing a big research project about Artist Run Initiatives, discussed the underground edition of Artlink in her recent keynote lecture at Artist Run Festival in Copenhagen, May 2014.

    The text from her lecture is here.


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