Bilateral Kellerberrin


April-May 2005. My first “blogging-as-art” project.

Produced while artist in residence at IASKA in Kellerberrin.

Kellerberrin (population approx. 1200) is a small wheatbelt town located a few hours drive inland from Perth, Western Australia.

Each day during my residency, I sat down and wrote, from memory, about the events of the previous day: who I met, what they said, and what I saw or did. You can trace the developing relationships between myself and the people of Kellerberrin at the blog:

keller iaska show

Bilateral Kellerberrin was adapted for exhibition at the IASKA gallery, and later at the Hermann Black gallery in Sydney. You can see photos of those two exhibitions here and here.

In early 2007 I published an essay about Bilateral Kellerberrin, comparing its strategy of real and virtual space interaction with models of social interaction as art which have become famous through Nicolas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics. Find out more about that essay here.

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