Ihlein’s First Art Prize?

art prize with apples

Apples Painting, 1983(?) acrylic on Weeties Box

This photo came to light when I was helping pack up my grandma’s house after she died. My proud mum must have sent it to her. Nana never chucked anything out. She had every birthday card anyone ever gave her.

This photo shows me winning a prize in the children’s section of the Port Hedland art show, which would have been held at the Civic Centre. Look at the horrid way they’ve hung it!

I would have been 8 or 9 years old.

From memory, it wasn’t first prize. My mum used to encourage us to do paintings like this during the school holidays. She taught us the “tricks” about how to make a convincing still life.

We did other art stuff too, like popsicle stick sculptures, and matchstick sculptures. I won a few such prizes with these masterpieces.

Who knows where these artworks are now?

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