Bilateral Petersham

petersham st

A blogging-as-art project. A-k-a “The Sham”.

The following description is adapted from the FAQ page over at the blog (the FAQ page was written in April 2006)…

What is Bilateral Petersham?

It’s an art project. For two months (April/May 2006) I will be undertaking an artist-in-residence in Petersham, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Don’t you already live in Petersham? You mean you’re doing an artist-in-residence in your own suburb?

Yep. I’ve lived here for nearly two years. I wanted to be artist-in-residence in my own place, rather than going away somewhere exotic.

Is it true you won’t leave Petersham for the whole two months?

Yeah that’s right. I am restricting myself to stay within the suburb boundaries (as drawn up by Marrickville Council).

Hey Lucas, I’m having a party/screening/exhibition/wedding – but it’s in Surry Hills/Newtown/Vaucluse/Stanmore. Can’t you make an exception just this once?

Nope. Sorry.

Can I come and visit you?

Sure thing!

Where exactly are the borders of Petersham?

I will post up a map online soon so you can see. I’m in the process of walking the border too, and I’ll put up a link to photos of borderline features.

O.K. Umm, so tell me again – WHY are you doing this?

For the moment, the best project rationale¬Ě is here.

Hey, I know something/someone amazing about/in Petersham. How can I let you know about it?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Email me on shortleftleg[at] or leave a comment in the blog. Better still, get in touch and we’ll meet up and talk about it / visit it / eat it.

publicity exhibition

Bilateral Petersham was included in Publicity, an exhibition curated by Reuben Keehan at Artspace, Sydney, in May-June 2007. That show toured to CACSA in Adelaide. You can see photos of the show here (thanks to Roderick Hietbrink for the great shots).

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