Alphabet Soup!

This is a little animation I made a few years back for my sister’s self-published children’s literature magazine Alphabet Soup. It’s a great mag, targeting kids between 5 and 12 years old. Alphabet Soup is based on the philosophy that kids will write better by reading more – and the mag has space for children’s own stories, poems, and drawings too – a virtuous feedback loop…

When we were young, we subscribed to Cricket magazine (from USA) and Puffinalia, a local childrens’ creative writing magazine. These no longer exist, and there are are no equivalents available any more, so in true Ihlein tradition, my sis decided to D.I.Y. She has 3 kids of her own now, so I suppose they are her primary audience – but you can subscribe too!

Coming back to the above animation – we’ve never really done anything particular with it except watch it and chuckle. This little bit of moving image experimentation was the basis for my design of the Alphabet Soup logo, which you can see in flattened, coloured form over on the Soup website (I think it was processed after it left my hands, by my cousin Chris).

More kids lit stuff can be found on Soup Blog too…

1 thought on “Alphabet Soup!

  1. Rebecca N (Alphabet Soup mag)

    Still love that animation, Lucas. 🙂

    I thought I should mention that Cricket magazine is still around, but it’s not an Australian magazine and it can be pricey to have overseas mags posted to Australia.

    And Alphabet Soup uses Australian spelling, idioms, settings and season, as well as promoting Australian writers and writing – which we feel is important.

    Over and out!


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