kellerberrin folks

[the following is part of the Bilateral Kellerberrin project].

folks i have met so far in kellerberrin. a lotta them are men.

tony, a bearded guy on a bike who scared christina when she exited the gallery. he was very friendly, said he works wherever he can find it, at the moment helping a mate of his who is establishing a vineyard west of keller somewhere. said his mate is waiting for a $400 000 loan to set it up. they have been setting up “faggots” – bundles of sticks to hold the grape seedlings in place. tony said there used to be a vineyard in keller at the nunnery…

mick, who is the community development officer at the shire council. actually, i met him when i was here in january, as he featured in some paintings of himself as napoleon (i could be wrong) which were hung in husein’s monumental painting extravaganza. his wife (pat?) is a distribution point for eggs, so i gave him our empty egg cartons. he had popped around to say goodbye to kirsten, but had missed her by about ten minutes.

roger was also too late to farewell the lovely kirsten. he’s the son of pauline and james. Pauline is the shire president (?) – i met her the last time i was here too, she is very active in the community, as are most of the folks i have encountered so far…roger is going to sydney to study film at metroscreen, he leaves in a few weeks, so i am keen to have him round for dinner and talk film etc. also he spent a bit of time in south america, so it would be great for him to shoot the shit with christina, the colombian artist in residence who arrived today.

cameron(?) who i bumped into in the lane by chance before we did our big trip to kalgoorlie. he is a sculptor in metal, has been here for 17 years or so, and has a few kids too. he seemed keen to meet again and talk about art and culture, and share a few big ideas of his own…

david, who we had to call out to let us in after we locked ourselves out last night. he rocked up in his gorgeous ole toyota ute to save the day. david is going to crack into the cinema (whose keys are lost) and change the locks (hopefully soon!)

michael, from “landmark corp”, who runs a real estate business, a catering business, works for the council (or is it 2 or 3 local councils?) also who does some coaching for the footy team (forgive me if i get details wrong there are so many) and runs the local hardware store too. he is giving up his beauty salon, he said today. michael is south african.

pip, my next door neighbor. pip was waterblasting the front of his house, an old bank building next to the ex-craft barn where i am staying. he’s going to repaint it grey. pip is a truck driver for a local company, i cant remember which, but its on the main road.

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