7 thoughts on “A Status Update

  1. Lucas Post author

    hah! thanks Lauren.

    there’s no danger of me deleting this blog. I like it here. It’s peaceful and I can get into some depth without feeling like I’m clamoring for attention (and failing if I fail to get it).

    Tim, I didn’t pilfer any pics. What should I have pilfered? One of the things that worried me about Facebook is that people uploaded heaps of pics. I never did, it worried me too much…

    I REALLY recommend quitting. It has made me feel heaps better, day to day.

  2. raquel

    I notice you had gone as I had tried to send you a message and tag you in a photo. But thought – oh he quit – thats good for him he has too many web things. x

  3. Margie

    I like that you feel better. Twitter is the thing that really fills me with dread for some unknown reason. I have mostly banned myself from FB, denied all access to everything and hidden most people. Soon noone will be in my feed. I post almost exclusively about visiting birds (big flock of black cockatoos returned yesterday!!!!), the weather and try to torment Canadians and new Yorkers with reports about the beach and water temperatures.

  4. geoffnet

    Hear here!

    Glad you have turned towards the light. BTW, I spent this evening resurrecting randomsample – there’s a blast from internets past.


  5. Lucas Post author

    thanks geoffnet for the resurrection – but random sample seems to be still out in the wilderness! any ideas?


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