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wot i bin up to

have not posted for a while here…

i’ve started a web design course at tafe, so conceivably bilateral will be moving to a better coded, diy home soon.

have also been working towards a comprehensive squatspace website.

also: will post up some writing soon that was published in latest spinach7 mag – about a super project called splint. check out splint’s beautiful website.

in the meantime: watch unco artist andrew harper (witch from tassie) – he has a film up at www.hobartunderground.com – it’s his celluloid curse against the current government.

also: if in Melbourne, go visit Spread of the Empire – by unco artist Forest Keegel at the Melbourne City Square corner of Collins and Swanston Streets. The work will be on display from midday Friday October 8th until 2pm Sunday October 10th
more info is at the Melbourne environmental art website http://ausmag.de/xxx/enviro/
(the website is made with frames (ugg) so you have to click to “programme” and “melbourne city square” and “page 2” to see info about this great project.)
From the press release: “Spread of the Empire refers to the colonisation of Melbourne. White flour was part of the currency used to supposedly purchase the land Melbourne stands on, and will be used to symbolise the white settlement and City grid being stamped onto the land.

ps – get your entries in for the NUCA unco grants due at end Oct – see the blog entry from August 2 2004 for details!!