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Artivistic Fragments

keg and luca at artivistic
[keg and I present at the final round-table discussion]

Keg and have been attending Artivistic here in Montreal. It’s a DIY kinda conference about the junctions between art and activism, and this particular edition seems to be about occupation and space and nature. Big topics and sometimes the delegates struggle with large theoretical issues – the best sessions are grounded and case-study based. See a few pictures from the conference here.

Some of my favourites from the conference:
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aware – mobile phone workshop

eep! next week I will be participating in a [mobile phone/interactive-website etc] workshop run by Finnish artists aware.

d-lux media arts, who are co-ordinating the thing, have released the list of other participants – you can find it on their website here. it seems I am the most techno-beginnerish of the whole bunch! hope i can keep up!
details about the workshop from the d-lux website:

Aware (John Evans & Andrew Paterson, both UK/FI) will lead a 3-day master class as an intensive introduction to the collective contribution, publication and syndication of mobile media.
This master class is aimed at new media artists, designers and other creative researchers, interested in gaining skills, hands-on practical experience, and shared knowledge related to this medium for socially-engaged media art practices.
Over the 3 days there will be three aspects to the master class that will be intermingled each day. Firstly, each morning will be dedicated to skills development. It will give 'how-to-do' advice in setting up a webserver, an sms gateway and introduce techniques and approaches to publication and syndication via different methods within mobile and online networks. There will be a distinct focus on open source solutions within proprietary networks, and sustainability beyond the duration of the master class.
In the afternoon sessions, as part of the process of sharing knowledge that Aware has gained in almost 2 years of practice and development, the following themes will be introduced for discussion and elaborated, depending upon interest: Metadata and context; Usability issues; Online representations and interfaces; Public / privacy threshold issues; Experience of social networks in mobile practices; Aesthetics of mobile media. In addition to these subjects, there will be an opportunity to share thoughts on how to design workshops for other special-interest groups, and how to present mobile practices to an audience.
To complement in a hands-on manner, activities from early afternoon onwards, will be done in dispersed group exercises. All contributions by the group will gather in a collective online weblog, which will be used as a prototype environment to illustrate the concepts discussed during the master class.