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Interview at Chaos Generation

Kirsten Lowe has interviewed ME for Chaos Generation web zine. It's a long-winded, egotistical rant ranging from my earliest days as an ignorant-post-fluxist, to my current flash-in-the-pan preoccupations. She was also generous enough to post up pics of some o' my projects, including Bilateral [2002] (where I lived in an Adelaide gallery for a month), and the little-known HENIHLE Booth [1996], created in collaboration with Mick Hender.

I first met Kirsten when I gave a "talk" about zines and postering, at the Australian Centre for Photography, to accompany an exhibition called My Xerox Weighs a Tonne, organised by Melbourne's Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey (Perks & Mini). I didn't like the show, but, not wanting to dwell on the negative, talked about some more potentially interesting uses of DIY media/exchange. (My argument was that Hollenbach and Toohey had turned zine/postering into a "mere" style – which was conducive to an "exchange of prestige" between the "grungy street artist" and the "respectable gallery", but not much more.)

As Chaos Generation's editor, Kirsten keeps an eye out for events like this to promote and review. She has a very wide range of interests (much wider than myself!) and doesn't mind mentioning (for example) TropFest and SquatFest in the same page, with equal enthusiasm. It's this non-oppositional approach to her do-it-yourself publishing venture that I like.