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some relational aesthetics reading…

These links I compiled for my own reading while preparing a small lecture on relational aesthetics for Barb Bolt's class at Melbourne Uni:

Dan Graham: Video/Architecture/Television: Benjamin H. D. Buchloh (Hg.), Writ-ings on Video and Video Works 1970–1978, Halifax: The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, New York University Press, New York 1979), S. 62–76.

Work Ethic by Helen Molesworth

some Rirkrit Tiravanija links:

marc horowitz's errand feasability study:

relational aesthetics glossary:

“Daily” Projects I have enjoyed…

"When I wake up in the morning I go out and film a one minute observation of the day." -Johanna Marxer
[thanks to metafilter for the link to this one…]

"In 1001 nights cast, Barbara Campbell performs a short text-based work each night for 1001 consecutive nights. The performance is relayed as a live webcast to anyone, anywhere, who is logged on to this website at the appointed time, that is, sunset at the artist’s location."
[the artist's location is currently Paris…]

"Marc Horowitz wrote “Dinner w/ Marc 510-872-7326” (his name and cell phone number) on a dry-erase board fixed to a desk-like piece of furniture, which was being shot as a retail product for the 2004 Crate & Barrel Catalog. He did it in hopes to have dinner with whoever calls the number from the catalog. The catalog was distributed and he received over 3000 calls. As a result, Marc has decided to take a year-long Trans-America journey to meet with as many people for dinner as possible and document this journey through writings, photographs, and digital recordings."
[thanks to my flatmate Bec for sending me this link. She thinks Marc and I should meet up…]