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drapery service and coffee service

some rough notes, thinking about expanded cinema, Bourriaud, Museums etc…

Sussi suggested doing expanded cinema stuff at the kelleberrin cinema …. i had heard about domenico’s cinema in that town, thought it was a marvellous purchase. so i would definitely be into doing something out there. i reckon the locals would be into expanded cinema, i think, being “movies”, it might transcend the “wanky” conceptualism of its contemporary productions in art.
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first thoughts to Sussi re residency

(see http://www.pica.org.au/art03/Residencies03.html for Sussi’s clog residency project at perth institute of contemporary arts)

the following is a chunk from an email i sent to Sussi Porsborg:

…regarding praxis and alienation, its certainly easy to feel alienated when at (the wrong) uni…while i did have a good experience at uwa, and remain friends with many of the lecturers there, it wasnt until some time after leaving that i found my real reference points and artistic predecessors…seems like the folks at uwa either didnt think to mention fluxus to me, or they just plain didnt know of it. there are some pieces i did while at uwa which, unknowingly, almost entirely replicate performances i since discovered were carried out in 1965…and so on…
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i saw a review of barb bolt’s show in the eyeline mag… for me, the best thing about it was that they included a colour reproduction, SO important, it would have been useless in BW! looked like the writer’s text was edited down drastically or something…it seemed a little disjointed in its explanation of the “technosublime”…perhaps she felt intimidated by the thoroughness of barb’s own writing about her work (barb DID do a whole thesis on it), and felt she had to try to re-present that…
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