terminus projects

This caught my attention: terminus projects.

…here are some key statements which interested me, from their "about" page:

-"Terminus Projects is an independent organisation that initiates site-specific projects of artistic and cultural relevance."
-"we commission artworks, performances, seminars, publications and events which reflect on the experiences which transform our perception of time, space and place."
-"Pioneer innovative and alternative sites for presenting contemporary works and ideas."
-"Instigate collaborations and exchange between practitioners, academics, and local communities on a national and international level."

Thus far, terminus projects seems to be presenting artist's video works in the sydney underground train video advertising network – these videos will pop up while commuters are waiting for trains, in between the product ads and the ads masquerading as "news."

It could be that terminus may begin to operate a bit like an Aussie version of Artangel. Which would be great. The organisers seem to be very professional, able to attract funding for ephemeral/site specific projects, and somewhat entrepreneurial, without being just about self-promo. They're young too.

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  1. Spiros Post author

    hey Lucas, how are you? We met during MMA and had dinner at Arcadia with a few others – anyway – I was just talking about Artangel at yesterday’s CLUBS meeting – and your mighty blog has reminded me that I should send the url to the rest of the crew – Artangel’s installation of Kutlug Atama at some disused office on the fringe of oxford st (london) made me feel that sometimes huge budgets can be put to good use. And Gregor Schneider work looks interesting…anyway…. cheers


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