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  1. Mike Leggett

    The Green Bans Art Walk through the Cross and Wooloomalloo was a quite unique experience, like living in a documentary film, with a voiceover commentary from our guide as we moved from one location to the next. At each of these we met one of the people who had participated in the historic Green Bans back in the 70s; I lived in England then but the events in Sydney were reported in the media as it was one of the occasions Unionists came together for the broader social good, in this case, saving the historic and architectural character of many parts of Sydney under threat from property developers. What made the walk quite extraordinary was meeting the people whose names I had read about 40 years previously. Each of the walks were recorded and it is to be hoped that this archive will find an appropriate keeping place.
    (Now I’ll go back to tracing L.I’s past….)


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