with-out: Spiros Panigirakis

Spiros, a clubbsy fellow in Melbourne, is doing a fascinating process-oriented project at the moment. Check out the blog here: http://with-out.blogspot.com

It's tricky to see exactly what is going on  –  many layers of activity. But Spiros is engaging particular groups, [activist groups?], and designing posters for them (but not particularly "useful" posters, I think). He's also running workshops in the gallery, collaborative reading groups where the participants wear odd head-pieces, and is struggling mightily with the forces of gravity and a large curtain. It's part of the midsumma festival, at gertrude gallery.

1 thought on “with-out: Spiros Panigirakis

  1. Spiros Post author

    Hey Lucas,

    Thanks for the post regarding WITHOUT…Definitely trying to be helpful just was critical (and most probably confused) with my initial approach and admitting to my sceptical relationship to agitprop at the start of this component of the project. But I’m constantly thinking out loud with this project and am currently trying to make that graphic designer hat fit on my head. The posters will be effective – just how effective I cant tell.




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